Monday, January 13, 2014

Big Brother installed in Albania

British and American intelligence services, have sent in Tirana, a team of specialists, to cooperate with the General Prosecutor's Office and the Albanian police, to crack corruption in the highest level of the country.

The goal according to "Gazeta SOT" experts from Washington and London, but also of the OSCE, will assist with information intensive for cooperation to help the Albanian Prosecution, for the exploration of dirty money and realty assets of the Albanian political class, judges and prosecutors, politicians and members of organized crime, drugs and money laundering, with corrupt actions, are enriched, damaging the country's finances.

According to the newspaper, foreign experts, have objected to a draft bill, that the government Rama had prepared, to hit corruption.

Albanian economy is weakened by recent debts, followed by the previous government of Sali Berisha , increasing public debt, which hides a giant corruption that has enriched the highest caste of the Albanian politics.

Property assets in Ionian Coast, especially in the Himara Region, are hidden from financial transactions, which are sold on the black market, through a known method corruption, have created a chaotic situation, for the official registration of properties by the OSCE, for the titles of ownership .

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