Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The Greek "Black Death " in the Aegean and Ionian Sea:

Russian defense minister accords support for 4 Greek Zubr 

"You are very lucky to have and use Zubr. No such landings in the western arsenal. Even we who have not found the way to treat by conventional means when sailing."

With these words described the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Soigkou, for the possibilities of reparation of Zubr.

Described as "Black Death" by the Russians themselves , because of the black elastic "skirt" on which sails or better " throw " the craft and skill set .

The news is that it is now ready Follow-on-Support for four yards in Greek arsenal of which two are sailing this time and soon activated third vessel .

The important thing is that the Navy has decided to directly activated third ship and possibly the fourth having  to support other vessels .

Greece had an excellent fleet of the "Corfu » (L182), the " Kefalonia » (L180) the "Zante » (L183) and" Ithaca » (L181), which could carry a complete Marine Battalion composition in any island of Aegean and  Ionian Sea, having some unique features : High survivability during voyage and large weapon load.

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