Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mosque construction: Court rules against environmentalists
07/08/2013 15:50

Mosque construction: Court rules against environmentalists
The Court decided to reject the request of the environmentalists to interrupt the construction of the new mosque in Tirana.

Although most of the judges are on holidays in August, one of them reviewed the request for interrupting the construction works of the new mosque in Tirana.

The environmentalists of the Institution of National Affairs lost this battle but are now preparing the next session in September.

“The basic case will be tried on September 11th, and certainly there is a symbolism about this, because September 11th is the day when the Twin Towers in New York were hit”, declared Kastriot Frasheri, leader of INA.

“The temperature in Tirana reached 41 degrees Celsius and it is a right of everyone to demand a clean environment”, declared Qerim Ismeni, and engineer.

The Muslim Forum commented:

“We distance ourselves from empty rhetoric. Tirana needs that mosque. The request has been made for the last 80 years. We don’t have any objection against the requests of the environmentalists and we are not against their claims, but that land is property of the Albanian Muslim Community, and this decision was right for this case”, argued Roald Hysa, Secretary of the Muslim Forum.

The Albanian Muslim devotees have been praying for years on the street, due to the lack of a big mosque, and this situation is expected even for this Bayram.

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