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German Spy Arrested On Chios - Says He Was Contracted By Turkey!

By on 3.8.13

A Turkish-German espionage circuit was dismantled by Greece's intelligence services on the island of Chios following the arrest of a 72 year-old German national who, according to reports, was spying on Greece systematically in favor of Turkey and its shady spy agency MIT.

When authorities arrested him, according to a separate news report on defencenet, they discovered two cameras and storage cards with photos of various military camps around Chios.

Several news reports said that the suspect lived on Chios for the past four years and a following a search of his home revealed evidence suggesting that he had been snapping photographs of Greek military installations as well as other Greek infrastructure on the island for at least three years.

According to him, Turkish nationals had approached him in the summer of 2010 and contracted him to snap the photographs in exchange for a fee, which he noted ranged anywhere from 500 to 1,500 Euros -per mission-. The material, he added, was then sent either through an encrypted e-mail (which was then deleted), or was delivered to five unidentified Turkish nationals, either on Chios or in Turkey.

After a thorough search of his home, officials discovered that his personal computer also yielded a number of suspicious e-mails, including one detailing naval and military activity near the island.

One email, say the same reports, was apparently sent to an unknown recipient last week and contained intelligence data on Greek warships and military vehicles located in Chios. Quite suspiciously, in the same email, the 72 year-old German also spoke about the controversial arrest of several Turkish nationals -between the area of Chios and Oinoussa- for illegally transporting various weaponry.

More precisely, and in accordance to a dispatch from the military news site defencenet, authorities discovered and seized:
  • 3 laptops,
  • Two cameras,
  • 14 memory cards
  • 5 USB sticks,
  • 5 tourist maps of Chios
  • 2 mobile phones and
  • 1 pair of glasses with an integrated camera
And while this extraordinary case of espionage begins to unfold, authorities are also looking into the controversial fires on the island of Chios, especially those that destroyed much of the woodlands around Greek miliatary camps, with the hope of linking these incidences to the case.

HellasFrappe is going to follow the story and if there are any developments, we will post a follow-up story. 

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