Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sfakianakis: Politicians Should Face Trial "We Live In A Dictatorship"

Greek politicians who have managed public funds from 1974 and onwards and who have or were implicated in scandals should be tried for treason says outspoken and famous singer Notis Sfakianakis. In an interview to the "Espresso" newspaper at the weekend, Sfakianakis notes that the Greek people are living in "absolute dictatorship". To support his argument, he says citizens pay public servants but are robbed of services and dignity in return.

Not being afraid to show his frustration with the system, he said he also believes that every sort of "immunity should be abolished" and such rights should not be ever given again to lawmakers. "Why should (our) employees (referring to politicians) have immunity?"

At this point the reporter asked him if he advocates for a dictatorship type of government and Sfakianakis surprisingly answers that "what the dictators did (back in the late 60s and early 70s) was within the law". The Greek pop singer said that it was a period when order had finally won over anarchy and villainy in Greece. In his opinion, after the junta was toppled the powers of anarchy and chaos returned. Zooming to the present day, he says he supports the views of many parties such as SYRIZA, the Communist Party, the Golden Dawn or the Independent Greeks party, while he notes that he has no hangups about always speaking his mind and advocating for the truth and justice.

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