Friday, December 28, 2012

,After a life threatening message to Archbishop Janullatos

42 Orthodox clergy against census and Red & Black Alliance: Janullatos has not afraid of death

42 Tirana archdiocese Orthodox clergy have reacted with a joint statement in defense of Anastasios Yannoulatos.

Their attitude comes after strong reactions against the Red
& Black Alliance, for Archbishop and after a census that sees Orthodox in third place in terms of religion in the country.

Clergy say in a joint statement that Janullatos, has not afraid of death, but it remains unclear who has threatened her life.

The statement said that response to Janullatos are slandering a sick fantasy.

The statement noted that Janullatos has remained close to the people, not only the Orthodox, to help in difficult situations.

Clergy say that he deserves the high command of Scanderbeg, given by the president.

Clergy say he has contributed greatly to the development of the country.

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