Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7, 2012

Kassidiaris Slams Greek MPs - Exposes Their Real Earnings By Handing In Check

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kassidiaris certainly gave an explosive speech in Parliament on Wednesday ahead of the austerity vote. We were so impressed by what he said that we decided to feature it on HellasFrappe. He basically slammed Greek MPs for lying through their teeth about how much money they earn in the Greek Parliament and to do this he handed in a copy of his monthly earnings, which he says proves that Greek MPs make more than 7,000+ a month, and not the 5,000 that they claim to make. (this includes their participation in parliamentary committees) Kassidiaris, who is a young, fresh and very charismatic public speaker, called Greek MPs arrogant, and greedy and said that before they even begin slashing wages and pensions from Greek citizens they should first cut back on their own earnings. He also criticized the government's decision to decrease the wages of military personnel who he said risk their lives everyday in respect to the Greek flag, especially rookies. He added that Greek MPs should not be receiving more than these young men, because their commitment and prestigious position to Greece cannot in any way be compared. (we totally agree) Earlier in parliamentary committee meeting about illegal immigration, (video below) Kassidiaris also submitted a copy of his brothers earnings, who is a young rookie soldier in the Hellenic Army.

From what we know, new soldiers will now be making almost 50 percent less than they were before the damn Troika came to town. Indicative is the information below
  • For Lieutenant from 1.95 to 1.70 that will transform the basic salary of 1,754 euros to 1,480 euros
  • For Brigadier, from 1.680 to 1.500
  • For the police II from 1.130 to 1.060
  • For Sergeant from 930 Euros to 900 Euros
 + Reduction in benefits
  • For Lt. -special employment- from 310 Euros to 220 Euros and Lt. of high responsibility from 355 Euros to 280 Euros.
  • + Reduction in administrative allowances from 71 to 57 Euros
  • + 10 percent reduction in the rate of the allowance is formed according to years of service.
  • + the abolishment of Christmas and Easter bonuses (or as we say in the West the 4%) to all who are still eligible.

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