Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Greek police leaves 60 passengers in the rain in Kakavijë. Cause: The driver has debates anti Greek rhetoric with a himariot citizen

Greek police has trapped 60 passengers in Kakavijë Albanian, due to an arbitrary decision to the bus driver. Bus plates KPN8473, directed by Edlir Xheblati, was stopped at customs and not allowed to pass, as a citizen of Himara, passenger bus, police reported that the driver and some passengers have made anti Greek propaganda on the bus, reported Tema Newspaper.

Some passengers called Tema and explained on that debates have dedicated bus driver entry ban on Greek soil and put red visa in the passport as undesirable in Greece.

Passengers are trapped in rain Kakavijë and has no hope of moving up in the morning, when the next bus from Greece to receive.

Greek police does not explain and has been evicted on Albanian soil bus driver. Albanian police and the Foreign Ministry promptly have not responded yet.

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