Monday, October 15, 2012

SP: Scandal with Karaburun
Still no any reaction for Himara properties by Socialist Opposition Party

SP: Scandal with Karaburun
The Socialist MP, Taulant Balla, reported another scandal from the Ministry of Defence, as he considered it.

The Defence Minister has transferred to the Ministry of Economy a list of the army assets that were to be privatized in Karaburun and farther down in Southern Albania, mainly military barracks.

32.216 square meters of territory belonging to the army, only in Karaburun, will be sold without taking in account the profits that these could bring to the area and the Albanian citizens, who are the real owners, declared MP Balla, who asked for an immediate interruption of the sale process.

“We needed a full study plan for Karaburun, including tourist development of the area. Karburun has always been a closed area and only for the military. Now it is turning to a private area with people who have connections with this government”, Balla declared.

Balla says that the list of properties that the government is trying to sell in a hurry doesn’t end here.
According to the official list of the Ministry of Defence, the military areas of Llogara, Orikum and Dukat will also be sold.

“Imami wants to sell them immediately, and will take these properties not only from the army, but also from the Albanian citizens, and he will give them to private owners who have close ties with him”, Balla declared.

In this list is included the Maritime Mine Depot in Orikum and Kepi i Gjuhezes in Karaburun, with 2569 square meters. Then there is the Haxhi Alia Cave Artillery Battery, known as an attraction for all Albanians, where the Ministry will sell 1548 square meters.

1891 square meters will be sold in Shenjan belonging to a military base, and another Artillery Battery in the same area, with 20.934 square meters. The viewpoints 23 and 114, one in Bristan, Karaburun, and the other in Llogara, have 5814 and 8024 square meters of terrain that will be sold.

All these territories are in southern Albania, with a great tourist potential. The Socialist MP that the sale should have been discussed, in order to see the interest for the public.

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