Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gaitanos Sings Hymns to Golden Dawn

Petros Gaitanos, well-known in Greece for his performances of church music and hymns, caused great surprise when he spoke positively of the extremist political party Golden Dawn.

In an interview with the local Greek channel Makedonia TV, he declared that he was in favor of the action of its members and that many times they did things that he himself wanted to do. He  expressed his sorrow for the quality of the Greek people by saying: ” I don’t like them at all.”

Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi party with an anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic anti-gay platform, has been linked to beatings, assaults and threats against people it considers as not purely Greek.

Gaitanos also expressed his anger for the sellers of pirated CD’s, many of whom are African immigrants in Greece. ”Do you know how many times I want to hit the black people with the CD they are selling?” he answered to a question on the subject. ”I prefer Golden Down outreach some limits instead of being brainwashed by the fake courtesy of the politicians and the media,’ he concluded.

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