Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of Independence of Albania, Wikipedia believes that the original document is false

Many historians believe that the original document of the autonomy of Albania, is in Turkish language

In glorious jubilee history of Albania, the announcement of the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Albania, the issue of the controversial original document of the declaration of independence, is opening big debate,

In its deicionin world encyclopedia Wikipedia, casts doubt that the original document stated by Ismail Bey Kamal in 28 November in Vlora, was written and signed Turkish.

This for the simple reason, as the alphabet and the education system at that time, did not exist in the albanian language, but also the fact that the Ottoman Empire had not capitulated. Foreign historians testify that the facts, about 100 meters away from the celebration of the declaration of independence of Albania, standing Turkish garrison soldiers, to protect Ismail Bey Qemali and other delegates.

See origjinal story by wikipedia.


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