Thursday, October 18, 2012

“Prosecution has new facts in organ trafficking case”

BELGRADE -- Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević said on Wednesday night that new facts had been found in relation to the human organ trafficking in Kosovo.
Vladmir Vukčević (FoNet, file)
Vladmir Vukčević (FoNet, file)
He added that Clint Williamson, head of the EULEX Special Investigative Task Force in charge of the probe into the human organ trafficking in Kosovo and northern Albania, would be informed about the facts.
Williamson and Vukčević will meet in Belgrade on Thursday.

”I expect that we will discuss further steps. Since that was made known, we have arrived at new facts that we will present to Williamson and I expect he will be satisfied with that,“ Vukčević told Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

Williamson, who arrived in Belgrade on Wednesday, talked with Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić who said that the government would give full support so that light could be shed on the crimes in the province.

On that occasion, Williamson said that his team would also operate in central Serbia, the government announced.

The release notes that Williamson informed Dačić about the investigation so far and problems related to it, adding that his team would begin working in central Serbia in the coming months.

”The Serbian government deems that finding the full truth about the crimes is a debt owed to the victims and an important requirement for lasting stability," Dačić stressed, the release adds.

“The Serbian government will encourage all potential witnesses to assist in the investigation into the crimes committed in Kosovo, and the Interior Ministry will ensure their maximum protection,” Dačić underscored.

On Thursday, Williamson will also meet with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić.

In his recent address to the UN General Assembly, Nikolić underlined the need for shedding light on crimes related to the human organ trafficking in Kosovo.

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