Thursday, January 26, 2012

Parliamentary Commission for discharging of Kreshnik Spahiu, established

Commission for discharging Spahiu established
The establishment of the Parliamentary commission for investigating the vice Chairman of the High Council of Justice activities was no surprise.

74 votes in favor by the majority and with the opposition against, was established the Commission that for three weeks will investigate the activity of Kreshnik Spahiu, accused of trying to discredit a state figure and violating the Constitution.

The opposition made it clear that they are not satisfied by Mr.Spahiu’s work as Chairman of the High Council of Justice, and they said that this decision is taken for the partial interest of the Democratic Party, while the democrats say that the decision, although delayed, defends the dignity of the Parliament that has elected Spahiu for that duty.

Spahiu’s presence in Parliament refused

The vice Chairman of the HCJ asked the Parliament Speaker to be heard in the plenary session, before the Commission is established.

Spahiu says that the Commission of Laws sent him out only 10 minutes after the session had started, without giving him the right to speak.

The second person in charge of the High Council of Justice asked the Parliament Speaker to be heard, with the argument that it is the only way for guaranteeing a regular legal process and most of all, a just one, which has been violated by the Commission of Laws.

Spahiu received a negative answer by the Albanian Parliament. Spahiu suggested the the General Secretary of the Parliament to read the regulation, which doesn’t have any article that prohibits him fro speaking on the plenary session.

The RBA leader declared that the majority MPs are violating the Constitution by not allowing him to defend himself.

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