Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Albania without state borders"

"Albania without state borders"
Ilir Gjoni, chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of Security, raised the concern for the formal absence of borders in Albania, by declaring that we are without state borders, since the law of 2008 left Albania’s borders without coordinates.

 “A law of 2008 has nullified the one passed in 2001, and today we have no official state borders. This is a concern that we raised at the Commission of Security and the 5-minute discussions at the Parliament, but unfortunately, there is no reaction by the government for the necessary amends”, Gjoni declared.

This confirmation was made during the presentation of the two monitoring reports for the Parliamentary Commission of Security and Integration, by the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation.

Bushati: On paper, we have more state officials than Croatia

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Integration, Ditmir Bushati, greeted the finding of this report and underlined that this Parliamentary Commission doesn’t have the necessary support of human resources, while on paper there is more personnel than the homologue structures in Croatia and Macedonia.

Gergj Vurmo, from the Institution for Democracy and Cooperation, declared that these reports aim to help the Parliamentary activity by monitoring their job, in order to reinforce efficacy by suggesting a more present voice of the interest groups during the discussions of these Parliamentary Commissions.

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