Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saranda Mayor appeals for help

Stefan Cipa blocked all construction permissions given a few days before the elections, which are abusive and against the law. But the builders have found an ally at the Court of Saranda, which has rejected the Municipality’s suspensions with some decisions. The court declared that they will argue the case after reviewing the basis.

The Saranda Mayor fears that even if the court will rule in favor of theMunicipality, these objects will be fully constructed by then and the demolishing would be very difficult. Through a touching appeal, Cipa says that he has notified everyone:

“I appeal the personalities and institutions that have received my reports, as Mayor of Sarande, to put in motion their depending structures for saving Saranda. Saranda is facing urban destruction, thatcould destroy it as a tourist town. Let us save what we acn and what has remained. Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Minister of Justice, Mrs. Prosecutor General, Mr. Chairman of the High Council of Justice, Mr. Vice Chairman of the High Council of Justice, hear our voice and save Saranda, because this town belongs to everyone, even to you”, Cipa declared.

A beautiful little tourist attraction in the Ionian coastline, Saranda has had a construction boom recently, often without criteria. This situation was reported by Top Channel reports “Other Albania”. Saranda remains one of the preferred tourist destinations. the Albanian President has visited it twice only this year, while the Prime Minister seems to have a weakness for the Xarra area, with the Socialist Head of Commune of which he has good cooperation.

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