Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brussels: More Albanian asylum seekers

Sequi: More Albanian asylum seekers
The head of the EU diplomatic presence in Tirana, Ettore Sequi, expressed his concern for the increased number of Albanian asylum seekers in EU countries.

“The number of asylum seekers has constantly increased, while we are monitoring the situation and the numbers that will be presented at the Council of Europe, in December’s meeting, which will take a final decision”, Sequi declared.

This was Sequi’s declaration during the presentation of the new EU portal for third countries. The goal of this portal was to take the necessary information for the allowed residence in EU countries.

Sequi asked the Albanian citizens to follow the obligations that come from the visa liberalization, and underlined the need to strengthen policies, because the number of Albanian asylum seekers in EU has increased, especially in Belgium, by using blood feuds as the basis for the asylum requests.

The Belgian General Director of Emigration, Freddy Roosemont, visited Tirana during October and declared that Belgium is facing a big flux of Albanian asylum seekers, with the same blood-feud motive.

The Belgian Emigration official declared that there is a network in which are involved citizens with regular residence in Belgium, who release falsified documents from Shkoder and Kukes and defraud people by telling them that they will receive a house, job and payment from the Belgian state.

He categorically excluded that any Albanian could receive asylum in Belgium.

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