Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Ex Minister Prifti: With Ilir Meta, eye to eye for corruption

Prifti: With Meta, eye to eye
Dritan Prifti rejected the accusations of having favored a company that his wife owned with another business partner. With a certification from the Business Registration Center, Dritan Prifti declared that his wife had sold the shares in that company when he became a Minister.

The owner of the company that won the tender when the video was recorded became a shareholder of this company when Dritan Prifti had left his government duty.

The company registration data indicate that the Minister’s wife and the person who won the tender have never been co-owners of this company. Dritan Prifti considered this a slander, and exploded in accusations against Ilir Meta:

“He has ordered some liars to mention my wife. If I start talking about Ilir Meta’s wife, there will be no expert, court, media or party that will be able to save that man. No one should dare to defame my family! I have no fear from Ilir Meta! I know him very well! He hides his head with a towel when he has problems! Ilir Meta is not that brave! Let he deal with me, I am ready to confront him declaration to declaration, video to video, punch to punch, eye to eye, whenever he wants and wherever he likes! Ok? Many people think that I am from Myzeqe, and I don’t have what it takes! My father is from Myzeqe, but my mother is from Vlore! If he wants to face me, he shouldn’t do it as that liar, Bekim Halili, but in a TV studio, so that we can tell the truth to the Albanians”.

According to Dritan Prifti, the truth is that the oil tender was held in full transparency, what was proved in court by the testimony of the vice director of Albpetrol, while the recorded video holds the truth of Ilir Meta’s corruption.

After the Albanian experts rejected the US expertise, Dritan Prifti declared this Wednesday that he will distribute the video to the US and all EU embassies:

“”If they want, they can test the video file in their respecting police forces, so that they can see what happens in Albania”, Prifti declared.

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