Friday, November 25, 2011

Greek merchant fleet: Armed guards against pirates

November 25 2011


Christos Papoutsis: Armed guards against pirates!

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A first version of a new low for the services of private armed guards on merchant ships to tackle the phenomenon of piracy, released today by Minister of Citizen Protection Christos Papoutsis.
For the purposes of this law, which defines the terms and conditions for obtaining authorization from the owner or operator of the ship, the rights of seafarers, use weapons, obligations of the master and any potential penalties for any breach will be required the signature of at least four joint ministerial decisions.
With that low, the authorization for the armed services will be for six months with an extension option and will be issued at the request of the owner or management company, which can be installed and operated legally in another state.
Also, the provision for defense in case of emergency and will be up to six armed guards individuals who may not be less than 21 years and owned company providing storage that is installed in an EU Member State

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