Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dangerous provocation against Greece from Albanian guerrillas

Although Greek troops are in Kosovo in the KFOR mission, the inexplicable attitude of official Tirana, as member of NATO at the same time Army to liberate the occupied territories



The Army for the Liberation of occupied territories Albania (AÇTOSH) is formed for the liberation of all occupied Albanian territories, situated under the Serbian, Slav-Macedonian, Montenegrin and Greek: the north of Kosovo, Eastern Kosovo (Presevo, Medvedja, Bujanovac) , Vardar Valley, the territories under Montenegro (Ulcinj, Bar, Plav, Guci etc..) Chameria, Kostur - Konica - Florina.
For the Albanian people, the current situation is very serious for all Albanian lands that are administrative abroad In particular, Kosovo is threatened by the formation of a "Republika Srpska" new on the Albanian territory, with the "decentralization" - the formation of Serb majority municipalities, related to the horizontal line (between them) and vertical (in Belgrade) . Kosovo is neither independent nor sovereign. With the blessing of EULEX official Pristina Not only were interested in what happens in the north of Kosovo, but encourages its behavior, the partition of Kosovo. It allows members of the colonial regime in Kosovo Serb to penetrate in Kosovo lands. We declare that we will take to protect the north of Kosovo, not tolerated on the Serbian paramilitary criminal gangs, police MUP and the Serbian secret service agents in the territory kreshnik. The Slavo-Greeks and Europe, was definitely doing so suggests that per-at the expense of Albanians have been completed.

The Chief of General Staff,
Kushtrim Mitrovica

According to this communication, it is inexplicable, the attitude of Tirana, which as a member of NATO, has never stated that should inquire about such extreme statements, but rather supports the Albanian opinion, the creation of Greater Albania. Meanwhile, Greece has about 600 troops of mission KFOR, in Kosovo, which makes it more complicated, the issue between NATO members, Greece and Albania concerning the borders.

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