Friday, January 7, 2011

Tirana, signed the petition against the report of Dick Marty

TIRANË-Three non-governmental organizations, the KLA, War Veterans, the families of martyrs and war invalids organized in Tirana today the launch of the collection of firms that will be expected to join the petition submitted to the Assembly Parliamentary of Council of Europe.
According to Albanian media, the citizens of the capital have responded positively to the initiative of collecting signatures against Dick Marty's report, which will be taken and in other areas where there are Albanians and then will be sent to the Strasbourg Court.

Among the signatories of this petition was deputy PS, Pandeli Majko, who during the war in Kosovo has been prime minister of Albania.
I`am convinced that Dick Marty report has a major test of intelligence for the Council of Europe itself, but in the first place and for the Albanians who have to prove that we can not simultaneously do two things: fight to freedom and Mafiosi were at the same time.

This is a shock that hits the head of the KLA, KLA, and above all throw mud at those who have fallen for the freedom of their homeland. "Majko said.
While the initiators are convinced that the signing expressed in mass-scale by Albanians will stop approving this report. Closure of this process will be on 15 January, at which time will continue preparation of legal documents sent to tja Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. 30-page report of the Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty, casts major doubts for the KLA and its leading figures, about organ trafficking and drugs.

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