Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Crossroad of HRUP (The Human Rights Union Party)


The Strategy for which is established HRUP is clear, to be the only force in opposition to denounce violations of human rights in Albania. HRUP needs unity but over all, to reform itself and should open to all North Epiriotes.

Photo: HRUP slogan during campagne politic elelections in Albania, June 28, 2009

Which is the future of HRUP? To be ruling as always with the winners compromised by Albanian State strategy against Hellenic community interests, or reformed, to promote access to create a new policy?

As always the represent of political class of Greeks in Albania, has compromised the interests of the community being partner of Albanian government under the name "Friendly Bridge". This has happened since the time of dictator Hoxha and still is happening now. Since 15 years HRUP goes with the winners of parliamentary elections with extraordinary indifference of Athens to manage the political situation in Albania in favor of the Greek Community. In contrast to last politic campaign elections opn June 28, the slogan that is supported strongly the HRUP by PASOK and ND should be falls or defeat!

Now the question is: HRUP must joint to the new government coalition with Berisha - Meta or not? The reason that I understand is simple: The greek community wants to build a strong opposition to be confronted with the interests of the Albanian politically mafia, which is very strong in power installed, that with laws and government decisions, wants to "adopt" properties of north epiriotes?

If we are actually confronted politically with a new crise in which the socialist opposition boycotts the Albanian parliament, which would be the new strategy of HRUP: Does HRUP accepts parliamentary elections in Albania as a regular with standards, when NATO and OSCE declared that Albania has no progress and democratic standards on last elections? Why HRUP should joint to the Berisha-Meta new Government?

HRUP must now have the only strategy: to reform itself with its opening for northepirus community and to join with the opposition Socialists party may be to the new Left Federation headed by Socialist Party, to raise the voice to the international community for the robbery lands and properties of the Greek community and violation of dimensions of human rights in Albania.

"Strategy and Analysis", SManalysis

Photo: "The struggle for power wich brought dividing HRUP"


Observing the anticipated politic elections in Greece on Octtober 4 , the HRUP should take important political responsibilities, first of all an important to the new total reformation.

HRUP (The Human Rights Union Party) is in a reform process transformation and as such, all present should follow this strategy only on the way of being in opposition and not division portfolios often corrupted by any Albanian leadership.

HRUP must begins the way of development and big transformation only on the interests of northern epirus community which should have cleare the strategy only to this way solution:

1. To remain in the opposition united to support a Federation on the left politic specter together with Socialist Party.

2. To reform themselves to involvement in the democratic vote of all northern epiriotes.

3. The selection and carried under a democratic reform voting for the all northern epiriotes resident in Greece, USA and Albania (with electronic card).

4. This form to be an example for the inclusion of northern epiriotes in the next politic early elections in Albania.

5. The high forums of HRUP to be resigned and to have the open door to select by the new system of voting process.

6. The voting electronic process to get the dimensions for the future of political and civil rights for all members of the greek community in the international scene.

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