Thursday, February 13, 2020

Ilir Meta Raises Tones Again: Albanian Parliament Must Be Dissolved, Not Legitimate

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What's going on: All of the Southwest Balkans are heading to the polls this spring? Could it be a coincidence or a Mission to "Adjust Borders"?

But in the meantime, on June 30, 2019, President Meta approved early elections for October 30, which did not take place. Doesn't this mean that the country went to the polls only with a "Mono Political Party", assuming we were dealing with a "coup d'etat" and, in the meantime, no one was held accountable?

The country's president, Ilir Meta, declares that the Assembly should be dissolved, as it offers no guarantees for the functioning of institutional norms. The head of state has once again called the Assembly illegitimate. Meta made this statement during today's interview with Euronews Albania.

“The Assembly must dissolve itself. It offers no guarantee for the normal functioning of institutions. This is an illegitimate Assembly. I assure you that the President is not a wall but a fortress in defense of the Constitution and there is not even an international vagabond that can put this into question, ”Meta said.

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