Monday, January 6, 2020

Trying to destroy the Church of St. Spiridon in Drymades, in the Theophanes Day, blessed cross


A year ago, in the Church of Saint Spiridon, the Greek flag was placed and a slogan demanding unification with Greece ... Analytical sources show that Albanian nationalism has political backing, wanting to strain and show strength even against religious beliefs and nationals sentiments of Himara.

For the second time, the Churches of Drymades of Himara Region have been targeted to increase tensions between Greek Orthodox believers of Himara and Albanian authorities.

The reaction came from Drymades 'priest, Papa Tsimoz, after coming from the theophany of the Cross in the water, seen destroying the cathedral of St. Spyridon Church, some workers of an oligarchs firm working in Drymades, from Albanian taxpayers' money. .

According to a devastating reaction from Priest, Papa Tzimos, shared on social media, it seems clear that part of the church has been demolished and the Church is now unable to practice its liturgy for Drymade residents, while he has strongly accused the government Albanian Goverment.

Meanwhile, Papa Tzimos, the priest, has called on the residents of Drymades and Himara to organize and protect their properties, homes and churches, as they are today's target for disintegrating the population of Himara, from oligarchic usurpers and thieves.

It is the second time that the Churches in Drymades of  Himara are vandalized by the Albanian government represented by its employees, who are demolishing the Churches in the name of old arrangements and old houses.

It seems clear from a brief analysis of property and territory robbery, house burglary, that someone is calling for increased tension in Himara, and this again comes from state circles which, in the name of public investment, are threatening the stability and destruction of Religious Harmony. in Albania.

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