Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Himara Community of Albania, does not accept the Draft of Tirana, for Ethnic Minorities

EU and UN standards, are equal as in Kosovo, Bosnia, FYROM ,, as well as in Europe even for Albania

In a message of Commissioner of Enlargement, Hahn, on request, to the Minority Law in Albania, by Demetrios Papadimoulis, V/President of the European Parliament, he said that "properties belonging to ethnic communities in Albania, are deteriorating the along with their rights. "

This draft law should be passed by the Parliament of Albania, the EU asked the European Community, but the Albanian government refuses substantial changes, violating the rights of ethnic Greeks of Himara Region.

Athens is losing time by setting conditions by the EU for Albania, which are not realized by Tirana. Law on National Minorities of Albania, being developed in the basis of the Law of Communist dictatorship for minority areas.

The Himara Community, states that the required EU standards are based on the UN Charter for minorities and their right to self-determination. The law on ethnic minorities, above all, requires the control of the territory where they live for centuries, just as Tirana, requests for Albanians outside its borders, seeking self-determination forms qualified as confederation or autonomous republic.

As has become known from the international media, in the summer of last year, The Himara Community and the Democratic Organization of Greeks of Albania "Omonia", initiated Demonstrations series, in defense of property and territory of the Himara Region, the population of whose consists of 95% ethnic Greeks, who are not officially recognized by Albania.

Chairman of The Himara Community, Stavri Marko, believes this situation has come about as a result of an undemocratic series of developments in the country, ranging from the 2011 Census, the territorial division in 2014 and laws that favor the oligarchs to grab assets, for which, the Greeks of Himara Region, did not recognized ethnic rights, since 1946, when dictator Hoxha time, created his communist government.

The Himara Region, had won two battles with the Albanian government, in World rank. First it was part of the agreement that the Corfu Protocol, which is recognized by the great powers of the time, for the establishment of the Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus in 1914 and The Hague in the League of Nations in 1935, for rights self-determination of the Greeks and the official language.

During the communist dictatorship, the Albanian court, sentenced and executed dozens grekes from Himara Region, motivated as Greek chauvinist, for which, never Tirana, not apologized. Today, the situation of Greeks in Himara Region, is a dangerous escalation towards an Albanian state, in the form of ethnic genocide, to exchange the ethnic Greek population, with Albanian.

However, despite recent efforts by Athens and Brussels, for the adoption of a law on ethnic minorities and the rights of the Himara Region, it seems that Albania remains a country to which Western Alliance, has tolerated the lack of democratic standards in feature of the country's more problematic stability of Europe.

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