Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kotsias in Tirana? The "law of War", in reciprocity ... Bushati includes Greek cemetery

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Foreign Minister of Greece, Nikos Kotzias will come back to Albania on 6-7 June at the 8th meeting in two years with his Albanian counterpart, Bushati. But while the meeting is not a matter of the fact that the two countries already have a bridge of mutual and reciprocal communication.

"There are no conditions of Albania and Greece, there is a real dialogue, proposals and research for the best way on how to address these kinds of problems. But of course, if we can talk about a red line, the red line is the concept that we have invested in this process. which means dialogue between the two neighbors equitable, accountable, NATO members, watching out for the common European future. Two neighbors who respect each other, respect the constitutional traditions and, of course, observe the patterns that have the inspiration to international law, "said Minister Bushati.

But regardless, the division of outstanding issues is only one issue that keeps it suspended a number of other issues.

"Although we are divided in 3 chapters, are issues that have to do with each other. If talk about repeal of the law of war by Greece, related to the revision of history textbooks, there is the issue of property of Albanian and Albanian state in Greece. There are also links with reverence for the fallen Greek Albanian territory, because we need to end the war, in order to start all other processes. Repeal has direct political values ​​and legal, or addressing the Cham issue as a matter of fundamental freedoms and human rights, in accordance with international standards, will serve many climate of trust between our two countries, "said the Minister Bushati further.

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