Wednesday, December 9, 2015

US, EU Ambassadors: If not approved the justice reform, risk isolation of Albania

The Parliament of Albania should change the country's constitution to the 37 articles to paving the way an intermediary system, unlike the current, that is failing the country.

A new wall insulation expects, if Albania, failing the justice reform. This has been a harsh warning US Ambassador Donald Lu and EU Ambassador Vlahutin in a meeting held with journalists known in the country.

The purpose of the meeting, the diplomats important with media representatives that affect, was acquainted with the fact that the US and the EU are behind the proposals for judicial reform, through OPDAT and EURALIUS, and the request to the media to inform the public opinion on the importance of this reform.

Lu and Vlahutin were direct consequences that will have place in the event of failure to reform but also boomerang effect that will have on those who would not approve.

The ambassadors urged the media to contribute in conveying the importance of the process aimed at cleaning up the judicial system of the elements of corruption and expressed the willingness to seek help civil society to organize a peaceful march for justice reform, as a message to the policy which should to complete this process as soon as possible.

Ambassadors have indicated that the United States has prepared a draft National Bureau of Investigation for which have received the consent of the two main parties in the country and await approval, along with the decriminalization law.

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