Friday, December 11, 2015

He is "Wanted" for having built an Orthodox Church in Lukovo, Himara Region

Robert Haidhi, one of the exponents of the Party "The Golden Dawn" in Greece, (party of right-wing with 18 MPs in the Greek Parliament) is accused by police of Albania, having built an Orthodox Church without permission, and was declared "wanted" by police.

Apparently extreme national security issues such as the threat from ISIS, have started to feel the members of the Orthodox community in Albania, while an Albanian citizen residing in Greece and Lukove of The Himara Municipality, feels wanted by Albanian police.

The reason is that Haidhi has built an Orthodox Church in Lukovo, his place of origin, in which there is his own business, in tourism, while the Police has charged with "illegal constructions".

But otherwise as the police in Albania, Haidhi, a member of the Party of the extreme right in Greece, "The Golden Dawn", with 18 seats in parliament, opposes the decision because the Ortodox Church built by him, has been made in 1992, in that time there was no need to be provided with permission.

This is an unprecedented case, when in Albania's Muslim community has 89 Mosquas out of control, and that all are illegal and has asked the Albanian State aid to keep under control.

A few months ago, Albania was penalized by the EU, due to the destruction of the Church of Ag Athanasios in Dhermi, in which case the Orthodox Community, is very sensitivity, having reactions from across of Europe.

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