Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Monthly Le Point: Terror Attacks Prompt France to Turn to Putin, Its 'New Best Friend'

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Russia and France have set aside their differences and re-kindled old ties in the wake of the Paris attacks, according to the French magazine Le Point.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, left, and President of the French Republic Francois Hollande
Despite several unresolved points of contention, Russia and France have never abandoned bilateral relations; these have improved significantly since the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, the French weekly Le Point reports. Remarkably, the magazine's latest edition features Russian President Vladimir Putin on the cover with a caption reading "Putin is Our New Friend."
What's more, Le Point claims that Putin can already be seen as France's best friend.
"Vladimir Putin has become almost the best friend of France since November 13," Le Point states.
According to the magazine, Paris decided to overlook Moscow's position on Ukraine and its support for Syrian President Bashar Assad, while Russia has chosen to move past France's decision to scrap the arrangement to sell Russia Mistral assault ships and implement anti-Russian sanctions.

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