Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Survey: Greece is Albania's main risk, Serbia comes in second

With the publication of a survey on the citizens' perception about the relationship between our country and Serbia, was inaugurated the Center for Albanian-Serb relations. The center formalizes the cooperation of civil society between Tirana and Belgrade, the cooperation between the Institute of International Studies of Albania with that of the European Movement of Serbia.

"This instrument will help improve the climate in the relationship between the two countries," said Albert Rakipi from the Institute for International Studies. Despite the perception of Albanian society, relations between Albania and Serbia are deemed as normal. 45.6% of respondents think so, despite 29% of those who think they are "bad".

Respondents have confidence that relations will improve in the future, while surprising is the belief of the citizens in over 90%, that this is good for both countries. Albanians see Greece as their first threat. 31.6% while Serbia is ranked second in the list of some of the countries involved in the survey with 27.8%.

Albanian citizens believe that there are already conditions for building friendly relations, but the vast majority of respondents, 72%, said there is no doubt that Serbia was responsible for the game.

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