Monday, February 23, 2015

Tsipras meets Theodorakis as the composer urges him to resist Germany

First entry: 24 February 2015 - 09:01 Athens, 07:01 GMT
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Tsipras meets Theodorakis as the composer urges him to resist Germany
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will meet the famous Greek composer and song writer, Mikis Theodorakis.
The meeting will take place a day after Theodorakis published an article urging the Greek premier to say a proud “No” to Schaeuble’s “Nein”.
Theodorakis waded in, appealing to the government, even at this late hour, to resist the pressure for concessions that would, as he claimed, plunge the country into the creditors’ “fatal embrace.”
“There is hope. And that is for the Syriza leaders to find the strength to say, even now, “No” to Schaeuble’s “Nein”.”
The composer prompted Tsipras “to abolish all Memorandum-related measures and restore the Greeks’ national independence.”
Theodorakis urged Syriza to oppose the European Union and stand up to them as well as barricade themselves within the national legality offered to them by the parliamentary majority they achieved just a month ago in the January 25 elections.
Additionally, he advised the government to take a decisive turn toward the Greek people’s side and the country’s wealth and resources.
“Safeguarded behind the true power of united people, they should form consortiums and utilize the full potential of our national resources, in exchange for beneficial business deals that would once and for all relieve us from our creditors’ deadly clasp,” Theodorakis suggested.

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