Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Omonia, new Symbol flag with the Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus


Photo: New Elected President of Omonia, Leonidas Papas

Saranda. The election of a new President of Omonia, is associated with changes while also essential Presidency statute of the ethnic Greek Community in Albania.

But the crucial difference, which contains  geopolitical
messages, is the symbol of Omonia change from 1991, painting a "bull surrounded by olive leaf" to geopolitical issue, within the Byzantine eagle symbol, with the royal crown, and year of the declaration of Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus, 1914.

Certainly immediate change symbol of Greeks living in Albania, has a message as diplomatic and geopolitical. For years, Omonia, has been the target of accusations by many associations and groups that militated within, for the role it played poorly for the protection of the Greek community in Albania, as much has performed only through press statements.

It Will be sensitive to diplomacy and geopolitics, from the sudden movement of the new leadership of Omonia, as an approximation to the old roots of autonomy, it will be considered in the future.

Omonia did not recolonized the Albanian Census of 2011, wich was held under pressure and arrogance by the Albanian state. According to last self Census of Omonia in 2013, the ethnic Greeks living in Albania there are about 340 thousand people. 

In addition  Albania is creating new geopolitical conditions to unite with Kosovo, when a few days ago, joined Customs between Albania and Kosovo, a sign of functioning united Albanian state administration on both sides of the border or a step closer to Greater Albania.

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