Sunday, February 15, 2015

Greeks Demonstrate Again Their Support to the Government

Greeks Demonstrate  

by Philip Chrysopoulos - Feb 15, 2015

Greeks DemonstrateThousands of people gathered again at Syntagma Square across the Greek parliament in downtown Athens to show their support to the government ahead of Monday’s critical meeting of the Eurozone Finance Ministers in Brussels.

The call was made by Greek MEP Manolis Glezos from Brussels and people started filling the square earlier than the 5:00 pm starting time. The crowd shouted slogans and held placards against austerity. Some placards were in the spirit of the Greek carnival and many of them were mocking German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a politician many Greeks believe is the personification of the harsh austerity measures.

Similar demonstrations in support of Greece and against austerity were held simultaneously in major European cities. Berlin, Dublin, Brussels, Nicosia, Paris, London, Rome were some of the international cities where Greeks and supporters of the Greek cause demonstrated.

Once more, the theme of the demonstration was “A Breath of Dignity.” On Wednesday, thousands of people had gathered at Syntagma Square to show their support to the Greek government who was negotiating at the Eurogroup that day.

The “A Breath of Dignity” initiative was taken by several social media groups that invited people across Greece to demonstrate in their city.

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