Friday, February 28, 2014

US: Corruption in Albania, main concern

US: Corruption in Albania, main concern
The US State Department underlines in a report published today that the main problems in Albania, regarding human rights, are related to corruption that has spread in all government branches, especially the justice system.

The annual report for human rights in the world underlines that the main problems in Albania during 2013 were the blockage of reforms, especially the blockage of fight against corruption. The political parties focused their attention on the June elections.

Impunity is another problem. The government’s efforts for punishing officials who have violated the rules have been sporadic and not constant.

Government officials, politicians and judges have often escaped justice.

Some smaller officials have been punished for violations. Some government officials who were clearly involved in abuses, were removed from older posts and were placed in other government posts without being punished.

Other human right violations for Albania, according to the report, are domestic violence and discrimination of women.

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