Monday, February 24, 2014

Paramilitary groups for the liberation of Northern Epirus?

Paramilitary groups for the liberation of Northern Epirus ? - PHOTO " 1914-2014, Autonomy of Northern Epirus ". With this slogan written on a wall (Epirus, not exactly Northern Epirus), the colors of the Greek flag, a group of five people posing with military and camouflage clothing.

The picture is the fact that the Greek nationalist circles, this year marked the 100th anniversary of the declaration of autonomy of Northern Epirus , the land within the Albanian border, for which they claim to belong to Greece.

These boys wearing paramilitary testify that require autonomy of Northern Epirus posing in this picture, which was sent to the editorial board of AOL.

It is suspected that the photo is conducted in Albanian soil , possibly in Dhërmi, but there are rumors that claim that it is made ​​in the north of Greece, without access to our land .

However the goal is one : these people wearing military uniforms seek recognition as the Land of Greece, several provinces in southern Albania and hinted they will fight for this.

We do not know how many people belong to these groups , if they exist , but the picture came out five people , a sixth realized the picture , the other can be creators.

Sources claim for AOLtha in Himara these people are not Albanian, but are members of the far right party, Golden Dawn.


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