Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Golden Dawn rally chants against Albanians

  By the Albanian Correspondent of Top Channel TV in Greece Aleksander Marku

Golden Dawn rally chants against Albanians
A video considered as “the document of horror”, shows one of the aspects of the Golden Dawn activities. It has been recently published by the Greek media.

The video has been recorded by an amateur camera in one of the meetings of this party, in the Nikea neighborhood, Athens, a few months ago. It is one of the materials of the investigative case that the Greek justice has sent to Parliament with the request to remove immunity to nine Parliament Members of this political force.

The video starts with “You’re born a Greek, and you can never become one”, and continues with “We will pour your blood, Albanian pig”. The video continues with other chants, mainly hate verses against the Albanian people.

“Do you see them? They’re called Albanians. We will make clothes out of their skin”, one of the activist leaders says in the video.

This video has been considered by the Greek investigators as one of the most powerful documents for the criminal activity of this party.

Some hours before the video was published, a Golden Dawn Parliament Member has made their usual Nazi salute in a meeting in Iraclio. There have been several reactions for the candidacy of a Greek police officer with this political force in Crete, for the post of Governor.

The Golden Dawn leader and five Parliament Members are currently in prison, waiting for their trial. They are charged with creating and participating in an criminal organization. Three other Parliament Members are under investigation.

The Greek justice asked the Parliament to remove the identity of all the neo Nazi Parliament Members, giving them a final blow before the local and European Parliament elections, where the Greek nationalists hope to have their representatives.

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