Sunday, November 17, 2013

Conclusion: Albania does not joint the bilateral dialogue with Greece 's EEZ

Athens goes Plan "B" with Albania

A new basis sets the agreement on the delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone with Greece, Albania, separating completely the longstanding and unresolved issues of Greek-Albanian relations from the case of maritime borders.

This is the time when the Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos , who met in Athens with Deputy Albanian government, Nikos Pelesi , talked about " exploiting to the fullest extent of the momentum that has been created on the Greek-Albanian relations, noting that the Albania ' connects us the prospect of the country's membership in the European Union."

Replying to a question of " Elefterotipia" through to the emission «Shqip», the Albanian television Top Channel, Foreign Minister of Albania Ditmir Busatti stated that "the Albanian government as the current democratically elected government, to respects the decisions of the Constitutional Court.

But according to sources from Athens, the Greek government is to be completed a new strategy to build relations with Albania, with new conditions both European Union and the National interests of Greece.

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