Thursday, June 27, 2013

After suspender the pensions, the Greek government, closes the door for northern epiriotes

Evangelos Dules: Athens government has abandoned  the Greek community

 Zgjedhjet, Dule: Qeveria e Athinës e braktisi minoritetin

Dules,  in an interview to Greek media, has commented on the 23 June elections in Albania and has given some of the reasons why HRUP took two seats in this election, criticized Greek government.
According Doules, first reason relates, "the general indifference or inability compatriots in Greece to return to Albania to vote." He notes that participation in the Greek minority areas, was the lowest nationwide.
Secondly, Dule argues that many citizens vote to Berisha down anxiety, went to the Socialist Party.
Thirdly, according to him, HRUP and the Greek minority was in the lack of the support of Athens and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Minister Avramopoulos, while the Greek minority remembered only in the last minute and did some small things. "Greek minority is in an unenviable situation, politicians and political groups in Athens for voting interests, do not hesitate to put his hand on it and this is crucial," said Dule.
Following the situation in Albania, Albania declares that Dule is currently away the rule of law, democracy and how the economy works. "In our view there is a need to amend the Constitution, changing the electoral law and the manner of electing the President of the Republic," said Dule.
Asked if  HRUP will took place in the new government, minority leader of the Greek says "it depends on the future prime minister if inviting us to participate." He admits contacts with Edi Rama are ongoing, but still not speaking for the future.
Regarding the party's presence in Parliament Chams and the lack of Red and Black Alliance, Dule message expressed by the European Commission was very clear; obligation of Albania to fight nationalism.
Dule says there are something illusions that will change the SP, after Prime Minister Berisha's government gave its irredentist messages against neighbors. "Both major parties Albanian nationalist elements and anti-Greek. But it is imperative that relations between the two countries to move forward, to their benefit and stability in the region. With policies such as those of Berisha and the Socialist Party in some cases, can not cultivate a relationship of mutual trust with the long term, "concludes Dule

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