Friday, May 3, 2013

Ex Albanian Prime Minister Pandeli Majko in Pristina, asks Thaci for Kosovo citizenship



There are many Kosovars who want to get Albanian citizenship, but also Albanians who want to get citizenship of Kosovo.

At least one of them is former Prime Minister Pandeli Majko, who visited Pristina, where he was welcomed by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci.

Thaci said in a press conference that Makjo informed about the agreement recently reached between Pristina and Belgrade. Kosovo Prime Minister thanked again Tirana policy stance adopted in the service of peace and stability in the region.

But Majko said that Kosovo will become.

"Today I had a special emotion to reiterate my friend and Prime Minister of the state of Kosovo, to give me the honor and pleasure to soon do the procedures to obtain citizenship of the state of Kosovo. There are many people in Kosovo who want to be citizens of Albania, but remember that there are some on the other side like me, who consider this area their home country, their people, "said Majko.

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