Friday, May 3, 2013

ANSAmed Politics Albania: OSCE's Zannier concerned about election

Observer mission "very strong", but risk of instability
Again ANSA, target attention in Albania, something is not be cleare in Tirana  politics

03 MAY, 09:48

(ANSAmed) - VIENNA, MAY 2 - The Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe is ready to increase its scrutiny of Albania's parliamentary elections on June 23 because of concern about the political climate in the country.

The OSCE may send more observers to Tirana in a "broad election mission", OSCE Secretary-General Lamberto Zannier said.

"We are watching with concern signs of growing conflictual political dialectic and we are expecting a very competitive electoral process in a challenging climate," Zannier told ANSA.

There is concern that nationalist rhetoric there could undermine the stability of the entire region. "We hope that there will not be excessive nationalism that could create elements of instability in the region," he said.

"The OSCE has invested so much in Albania".

Zannier also met last week with Edi Rama, the head of the Albanian Socialist Party. Zannier said he hoped that the upcoming elections would contribute to developing constructive interaction among Albanian political forces and strengthening democratic governance. "I would like to emphasize that I expect all sides to contribute to bringing the expected degree of legitimacy and credibility to the electoral process," he said at the time. (ANSAmed).

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