Monday, October 1, 2012

SP: Albania trafficking arms

SP: Albania trafficking arms
The Albanian Defense Ministry, besides the excessive ammunition inherited by the communism era, is involved in the sale of military materials from the former Yugoslavia.

The agreements in question mount up to 1 million USD. This was the recent report of the Socialist MP Erjon Brace.

Referring to the official documents that do not hold the “secret” stamp, as the Ministry of Defense insists, the Socialist MP declared that the Serbian arms dealer, Zoran Damjanovic, the favorite of Minister Imami, is the protagonist in this suspicious affair, where Albania has no reason to be involved in these transactions of the former Yugoslav military weapons.

“The Ministry of Defense has defended itself so far by saying that they are cleaning Albania from the communist era, referring to the weapons, ammunition, explosives and local military weapons, which are administered by the Albanian Army. I want to show to you today that the relation between the Defense Ministry and the Serbian state company is much more than that. It goes beyond the sale of the communist residues in the Albanian Military. Here is a full file that documents the biggest transaction of military weapons by the Ministry of Defense”, Brace declared.

Braçe gave the details of the Yugoslav arms

“We are talking about products of the Yugoslav Army, administered by the Montenegrin Army, given to the ‘Montenegro Defense Industry”, branch of the Serbian Yugoimport. 10.000 RPG rockets, 64 mm RBR M-80 ‘Zolja’. The entire issue has great obscurities. There are two trade agreements”, Brace declared.

Brace said that the entire issue has been mysteriously covered by the Albanian side, which confirms that these goods have not entered Albania, while the documents show the contrary, that the goods have entered the country. 11

“One is connected with the ‘Zahen Ltd’, the other with the ‘Moon Storm Enterprises’. The Ministry of Defense State Export Control Authority declares that the entire transaction has not been realized. Another Montenegrin authority says that the export has been realized to Albania. These obscurities need an answer and an investigation of the Defense Ministry and Arben Imami himself. He must explain to the public why Albania has been involved with the trade of weapons that they don’t own”, Brace concluded.

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