Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Δηλώσεις των ΥΠΕΞ Ελλάδας και Αλβανίας Δ. Αβραμόπουλου και E. Panariti μετά τη συνάντησή τους
Continues the oldest music between Greek Albanian relations: "The Greek National Minority should be a bridge of friendship"
Nothing news between Avramopoulos - Panariti Meeting in Athens, even after 6 years no relations


"The Greek National Minority should be a bridge of friendship between the two countries and the position will improve, as Albania progresses and adapted to European standards. So it is important to build trust among the representatives of the minority and the Albanian institutions".


"Of course, we share the same opinion regarding the prospect that both countries have towards the Euro-Atlantic challenges, and considering that this year is a very special year for Albania, it is the century of our independence, I invited Dimitris to pay a visit in Albania in this very historical event of our country."
more from Foreign Greek Minisry:

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