Sunday, September 30, 2012

Φωτογραφία για «Ελληνική όλη η Τοσκερία» συμφωνα με τον ιδρυτή του
 αλβανικού κράτους
«Ελληνική όλη η Τοσκερία» 
σύμφωνα με τον ιδρυτή του αλβανικού κράτους

Athens, ready to open the cards with Albania for Northern Epirus International Agrements

Ismail Kemali: "We want to put the north border with Kosovo, not with Toskeria of Greece"
a founder of the Albanian state, Ismail Kemal declared that with Greece, we recognizes as Greek territory throughout Toskeria.

"March 30, 1914.
Ismail Kemal landed at Brindisi and starts his journey to Rome, Vienna, Paris and London.

Asked from the correspondents of newspapers for the purpose of his trip, said he went to try on the border of North and not the South, since the borders of the North had previously definitive conclusion from the London Conference and those of the South was under negotiation.

This statement was hosted by all European newspapers and was a highly interest and enthusiastic welcome from the Greek press, who on the occasion of the southern border agreement published by the Greek government with Ismail Kemal which recognized throughout Toskeria as Greek territory.Ismail Kemal kept his word, because in all discussions with foreign correspondents talked about Kosovo and never for Toskeria and Tsamouria.Asked in Rome from the Parisian newspaper correspondent Bruce what his view of the borders of the South, who was then traded to the London Conference, Ismail Kemal said that members were not the boundaries of the South, but the borders of the North . In French: "Ce n 'estait pas la frontiere du Sud qui le il preoccupait, mais celle du Nord" ».

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