Saturday, July 30, 2011

North Albania, Dibra, raped and stolen four tourists from Czech Republic

Two Czech couples wives are raped and robbed in the early hours of yesterday, while police Debar is working to identify and arrest the perpetrators. Official police sources confirmed to "Gazeta Shqiptare" serious incident that occurred at 08:30 on the Friday at a place called Field of Korab, about 40 km away from the city of Peshkopi.

Learned that four Czechs, were three days in the area known to Korab, and yesterday, had planned to walk the famous green valleys and the area of ​​Korab.

"Initially, unidentified persons have violated (hitting) one of the pairs of spouses, being robbed them and they had bags in the back of other materials. The same fate, few minutes later, it is for spouses and others" - has announced the police. Czechs have just realized that have fallen prey to the abusers, have announced their embassy in Tirana. From this embassy was informed of the Interior Ministry. This has prompted police to put Debar looking for authors.

In the hours of noon yesterday, police have evidence of Czech tourists. Due to the remoteness of the area of ​​Korab center nearest inhabited, suspected perpetrator may have been shepherds in such periods of holiday draw flocks to the mountains of Korab. Also learned that until late in the day Sunday, police escorted about 10 people, but still could not identify the perpetrators of rape and robbery of Czech tourists.

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