Monday, July 4, 2011

Albania, customs and the car sales tax are removed

The government has decided to remove customs and sales tax for the domestic vehicles and therefore it is expected that vehicle prices in the domestic will decrease.

Ministry of Finance has prepared a new formula and soon will sent the draft to the assembly government to be voted along with changes in the budget, reports TCH.

According to the draft, people who import a vehicle from abroad will not pay any duty, but it will be replaced by another tax, which will be paid every year, when commissioning the machine.

The new tax is based more or less to the same formula as that of the import tax, but since it will be extended over the years, the amount to be paid each year is ten times lower than the existing taxes, which in some cases was more expensive that the price of the vehicle itself.
Even the new tax again depends on the number of years of use of the cylinder of the vehicle.

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