Monday, June 21, 2010

Turkish exercise in the Ionian Sea

In Alert is the Greek Navy Command as part of the Turkish flotilia, consisting of four frigates and a tanker to be installed in port of Durres and Vlora, Albania.

But vigilant consist to be the Greek Navy Forces as part of the Turkish flotilia, the Task Group (TG) in consists of four frigates and a tanker is in port Durres and Vlora, Albania.

Defense Net note that the Turks have financed the rebuilding of these naval bases in the strategic partnership seeking to Albania. At the same time issued a warning that the Turkish submarine INONU - now visiting the Italian naval base of Taranto - will move to the sea around 70 km west of Cephalonia, in within the western boundary of the Athens FIR.

According to military sources, is probably from 25 to 28 June, the Turkish Task Group fleeing from Albanian ports to move south, to meet the submarine in the Ionian Sea. This is another unprecedented moving by the Turks, who without violating international law, shall demonstrate power and flag. And not only in the Aegean and Ionian seas but also in various parts of the Mediterranean: the Task Group has already visited Tunis, Algiers, Split, Bari and Cartagena in Spain ...

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