Thursday, June 24, 2010

Athens not validate signed agreements with Tirana and the Ottoman fleet is actually in Albania!

Which would be the next step of Athens?

While Ankara sends its fleet in the Ionian Sea, and thus open a western front in Greece, Athens has not yet sent to Parliament for ratification the agreement with Albania on maritime boundaries, while supposedly protesting for change Tirana's stance on this issue.

So, after the Aegean, Ankara is now spreading the Ionian Sea, where one months after ratification by the Albanian parliament's agreement to keep fixed the Turkish naval force 1125 men in Albanian territorial waters, Turkey will attain naval exercise in the Ionian Sea from 28 to 30 June.

For this purpose, arrived as early as June 22 in Albanian ports Turkish flotilla TMTG (Turkish Maritime Task Group), comprising four frigates and one ship is general support previously made successive visits to Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro.

But accoring to annalysts the Psychological effects just in the presence of the Turkish fleet in the Albanian ports appear in the Albanian Parliament. Added to the Greek minority nationalist pressure. Yesterday in parliamentary Albanian MP Cam Community Dashamir Tahiri threatened for the second time President of HRUP Evangelos Doules.

This development could lead to new tensions, in which Berisha's government, can be stance without being directly involved in these issues, while on the other hand gives the countervailing forces to increase elements of Albanian nacionalists, against Greek community in Albania, before the process of counting the population next year.

The european prospective of Albania including visas regime will decide with exclucive veto from Athens if it will be necessary.

Greece should make clear to Tirana that there would be reconfiguration of the bilateral relations unless two things happen:

(A) immediately resolved the issue of maritime borders, to adopt the existing agreement.

(B) to require that the neighboring country to be very careful regarding the presence of Turkish forces in the region. It should be clear that for Albania to Greece Tirana actually go almost hostile actions against our country.

And if not heard, the calls of Athens to Tirana will influence the European prospects of the country but also necessary, for reasons of balance, the presence of naval forces on the coasts and ports in Northern Epirus, Vlora, Saranda and Himara.

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