Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vojvodina assembly adopts statute draft

8 November 2009 | 10:05 | Source: Tanjug

NOVI SAD -- The Vojvodina assembly has adopted the legal-technical harmonization of the statute draft with the draft law for transferring authorities to the province.

Vojvodina assembly meeting (Beta)
Vojvodina assembly meeting (Beta)

105 assembly officials voted, with 84 voting for and 20 voting against the draft, which was initially adopted in October of last year. One present assembly official did not vote.

Both the Vojvodina League of Social Democrats and the Forward Serbia MP group did not participate in the voting.

Vojvodina Executive Council President Bojan Pajtić said that he expects that the Vojvodina statute and the law for transferring authorities will receive strong support from the state parliament.

“With this, officials representing a vast majority of Vojvodina citizens have chosen to further the process of decentralization and the regionalization of the society,” Pajtić said, adding that these processes are needed to speed up economic development, and to create a faster, cheaper and more effective administration not only in Vojvodina, but in the entire country.

Serb Radical Party (SRS) and Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) officials have strongly criticized the statute and its accompanying laws, stating that they are unlawful, unconstitutional and aim to break apart the unity of the Serbian state.

The Vojvodina assembly’s Committee for Regulations will put together a final version of the statute draft and submit it to the state parliament for confirmation.

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