Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Pros and Cons of the Albanian Parliamentary Elections

The Parliamentary Elections of June 28 will decide much about the future of Albania. The Democratic Party and the Socialist Party will seek to win the majority of the electorate votes. The new electoral system adopted in December 2008 will make it difficult for a single Party to form the government. The small parties like L.S.I. or the newly-formed G99 will decide who will create the government.

Those are both Left Parties but their willingness to collaborate with the Socialist Party if it wins the election will depend on the offers they'll receive to be part of the government. The pre-election polls conducted by Zogby International and the "Gani Bobi" Institute in Pristina show the results being very close. The final result will depend on how the undecided electorate will vote.

The Democratic Party governing Albania hopes to win its second consecutive mandate. In the last four years a lot has changed in Albania. Not even the parliamentary opposition can deny it. In April the country was accepted into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The reforms undertaken in Albania during the democratic government has been praised by a lot of high officials in the European Union and United States.

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