Friday, June 8, 2007


“Maybe a declaration by Bush about the rights of Greek Minority in Northern Epirus, would be a really surprise for the meeting in Tirana”

By Stavros Markos

An officially declaration of “OMONIA”, the Greek Ethnic Minority in Albania, calls the President of USA George Bush to have itself in consideration during his visit in Tirana next June 10, 2007. “OMONIA”`s declaration, makes in a moment very decisive for the future of Balkan Region particularly in Kosovo and three other states under “Adriatic Charter” agreement, Albania, FYROM and Croatia, when The President of USA comes in Tirana.

What is waiting Albanian opinion, for historically visit that is considered as “proud to be partners” on Albanian USA relations? NATO welcomes the “Balkan Adriatic Charter States” but with out to respect the rights of Greeks in Albania that live in Northern Epirus, the rights of Serbs in Croatia, the rights of Albanians in FYROM, the rights of Bosnians Croats and Serbs who live in Bosnia Republic, has not anny perspective to the future of Balkan Region - will say the President Bush during the next meeting with Balkan states leaders in Tirana.

Sure Bush will encourage Albania, Croatia and FYROM to make the necessary changes on their Constitutional System as the principal impact for the civil human rights of minorities groups. So, in Albania particularly the Greeks are waiting the changes of Albanian constitution for the Greek official languages to be respected in majority regions in southern Albania, (called Northern Epirus) to create their institutions in Greek language, and particularly to make the General Counting Population in Albania.

Another problem between Albania and Greece is for the Greek Omogens and Albanian emigrants who have the Rights to be Greek citizenship from the decision of Greek Government last Year for about 700 thousand Albanian (Greek) emigrants. Athens is waiting from Tirana to implement this decision, to have political and civil rights the Greeks of Albania, but until now the Government of Tirana “has been indifferent” for Greek requeste.

Anyway, tow Greek important Banks in Albania, “Alpha Bank” and “NGB” donated about 250 million euro as “Credit” to Albanian Government to help in construction of new High Way Tirana - Pristina considered as “Patriotic Greater Albanian, Road” which links Albanian State with Kosovo. The decision of Greek Banks to help Albania is seeing also as diplomatic agreement, a signification role of Greece to help Albanian Economic situation a lot of Inflation and Crises particularly this year.
A numerous Byzantine churches in Southern Albania (Northern Epirus) have been violated from vandals, a part investigated from Albanian authorities. While a national debate against Greek schools in Koritsa is raising the anti Hellenism opinion in Albania often served from the press.

But what is surprise of the President Bush visit; maybe let’s see when during the meeting in Tirana he should call other alls, for the rights of Greeks in Northern Epirus.

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