Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Vucic receives "no US plan - just indications, principles"

(Tanjug, file)

President Aleksandar Vucic said in Sofia, Bulgaria late on Wednesday that he received "no US plan for solving the situation with Kosovo," Beta is reporting.


Vucic at the same time reportedly said he did receive "indications and principles."

He is quoted as saying there were "decent things" in those - but also "solutions he does not agree with."

Speaking to reporters in Sofia, Vucic said that "Serbia is seeking a compromise solution and taking into account interests of Serbs in Kosovo, but also legitimate interests of Serbia - something many do not understand."

Vucic also denied that he had been told he must step down from power unless he accepted the US plan for Kosovo.

Earlier on Wednesday, Vucic "confirmed that he received a plan the West prepared as a proposal to solve the Kosovo issue."

B92's reporter said this was the first time that Vucic has said it publicly - after several days of media speculation about the West was "making threats and blackmailing him and Serbia."

"Nobody's making threats against Serbia and me. There's been pressure on Serbia for five years now because the West wants Kosovo's independence. We do not. Does that obligate us? No. Is our position easy? No. If I received anything that could suit the Serbian public I would have gone before the people, but I received only indications," Vucic said.

As he specified: "We have a certain plan, but I am not satisfied with certain details."

"We are looking for a compromise solution and for interests of Serbs in Kosovo, but also of the Republic of Serbia, to be taken into account," Vucic said.

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